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Fund Facts
  • Name of Fund:
    PGIM India Large & Midcap
  • Opening:
    24th January 2024
  • Closing:
    7th February 2024
  • Scheme Type:
    Open Ended Equity Large & Mid Cap Fund
  • Minimum Investment:
    Minimum of Rs. 5,000/- and in multiples of Re.1/- thereafter.
  • Plan:
    Regular and Direct
  • Options:
    Growth and IDCW
  • Entry Load:
  • Exit Road:
    0.50% of NAV if redeemed/switched out within 90 days from the date of allotment
  • Thereafter:

Fund Stats


The investment objective of the Scheme is to seek long term capital growth through investments in equity and equity related securities of predominantly large cap and mid cap stocks.

  • Benchmark:

  • NIFTY LargeMidcap 250

  • Fund Manager:

  • Vinay Paharia, Anandha Padmanabhan Anjeneya, Utsav Mehta, Puneet Pal, Ojasvi Khicha

Asset Allocation

70- 100% Equity
upto 20% Money Market
Comparable existing schemes
SBI Large & Midcap Fund 15.25(6M) 32.37(1Y)
Mirae Asset Large & Midcap Fund 18.17(6M) 35.58(1Y)

Fund Prognosis

Idea Distiller

It is the manufacturer plugging gaps in their portfolio. Seems a tepid idea really.

  • Fund House AAUM:

  • Rs 2288063.56 Lakhs (as on 31st December 2023)

  • Fund Manager:

  • Combined experience of above 20 years

Scheme DNA 4 fundamentals

  • RISK

OOMP Factor

Nothing really. After the fund manager shifts, the schemes have lagged a lot behind. Tread carefully.