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Fund Facts
  • Name of Fund:
    Mirae Asset Nifty IT ETF
  • Opening:
    13th October 2023
  • Closing:
    18th October 2023
  • Scheme Type:
    Open Ended Other ETF
  • Minimum Investment:
    Rs. 5,000 per application and in multiples of Re. 1 thereafter
  • Plan:
    Not Applicable
  • Options:
    Not Applicable
  • Entry Load:
    Not Applicable
  • Exit Road:
    Not Applicable
  • Thereafter:
    Not Applicable

Fund Stats


The investment objective of the scheme is to generate returns, before expenses, that are commensurate with the performance of the Nifty IT Total Return Index, subject to tracking error.

  • Benchmark:


  • Fund Manager:

  • Ekta Gala, Vishal Singh

Asset Allocation

95-100% Securities included in the Nifty IT Index
upto 5% Money Market
Comparable existing schemes
Nippon India ETF Nifty IT 16.72(6M) 10.15(1Y)
Axis NIFTY IT ETF 16.68(6M) 10.12(1Y)

Fund Prognosis

Idea Distiller

A simple enough idea and then the ETF route makes it even simpler.

  • Fund House AAUM:

  • Rs. 14117883.35 Lakhs (as on 30th September 2023)

  • Fund Manager:

  • Combined experience of above 6 years

Scheme DNA 4 fundamentals

  • RISK

OOMP Factor

IT is not such a happening sector now. So tread with caution.