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Fund Facts
  • Name of Fund:
    DSP Nifty PSU Bank ETF
  • Opening:
    17th July 2023
  • Closing:
    21st July 2023
  • Scheme Type:
    Open Ended Other ETF
  • Minimum Investment:
    Rs. 5,000 and in multiples of Re. 1/- thereof.
  • Plan:
    Not Applicable
  • Options:
    Not Applicable
  • Entry Load:
    Not Applicable
  • Exit Road:
    Not Applicable
  • Thereafter:
    Not Applicable

Fund Stats


The Scheme seeks to provide returns that, before expenses, correspond to the total return of the underlying index (Nifty PSU Bank TRI), subject to tracking errors.

  • Benchmark:


  • Fund Manager:

  • Anil Ghelani, Diipesh Shah

Asset Allocation

95-100% Equity
upto 5% Money Market
Comparable existing schemes
Kotak Nifty PSU Bank ETF 9.43(6M) 64.10(1Y)
Not Available Not Available Not Available

Fund Prognosis

Idea Distiller

Where the Private banks wont work, perhaps the public ones will. A little convoluted a logic but the manufacturer has found value in the argument.

  • Fund House AAUM:

  • Rs. 11772590.28 Lakhs (as on 30th June 2023)

  • Fund Manager:

  • Combined experience of above 23 years

Scheme DNA 4 fundamentals

  • RISK

OOMP Factor

I will treat cautiously even if there is a lot of potential big gainers. But that is me.