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Fund Facts
  • Name of Fund:
    Kotak Quant
  • Opening:
    12th July 2023
  • Closing:
    26th July 2023
  • Scheme Type:
    Open Ended Equity Sectoral/ Thematic
  • Minimum Investment:
    Rs. 5000/- and in multiples of Re. 1 for purchases and of Re. 0.01 for switches
  • Plan:
    Regular and Direct
  • Options:
    Growth and IDCW
  • Entry Load:
    Not Applicable
  • Exit Road:
    0.5% of NAV if redeemed/switched out within 90 days from the date of allotment
  • Thereafter:

Fund Stats


The scheme shall seek to generate long term capital appreciation by investing predominantly in equity and equity related securities selected based on quant model theme.

  • Benchmark:

  • NIFTY 200

  • Fund Manager:

  • Harish Krishnan, Abhishek Bisen, Arjun Khanna

Asset Allocation

80-100% Equity
upto 20% Money Market
Comparable existing schemes
DSP Quant Fund 10.96(6M) 14.97(1Y)
Nippon India Quant Fund 13.41(6M) 25.88(1Y)

Fund Prognosis

Idea Distiller

Number crunched investment orientation is the norm in the advanced market. And it is getting traction here, in India too.

  • Fund House AAUM:

  • Rs. 31237132.93 Lakhs (as on 30th June 2023)

  • Fund Manager:

  • Combined experience of above 18 years

Scheme DNA 4 fundamentals

  • RISK

OOMP Factor

Perhaps for the aware investor but doesn’t mean that everyone else is not to invest. There has been failures before so watch out.