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The touchstones


Plexus Management Services, working in the wealth management domain believes financial well being as the cornerstone of life. Plexus would want to be at the epicenter of this life sustaining activity and thereby the name – Plexus, the vital organ in the heart that drives life sustaining blood to all the corners of the human body.

Today it is not only enough to earn well. It is also imperative to save better and invest wise. Fortunately the opening up of the financial sector in India in the late 90’s has provided the investors, be they individuals, corporates or trusts, the benefit of investing in mutual funds. Plexus is a super specialized practitioner in the “Mutual Fund space”.


Plexus has such extensive competence in evaluating performance of the mutual fund managers. The future would demand such competence and we are ready. We would lead the market in knowledge and would aim to establish knowledge as the most important criterion for a participant in the mutual fund space.


Help the fund industry to grow in a disciplined manner and make mutual funds the preferred mode of investment for all. This would see us participating in high end research and design of evaluation matrices, product design and manpower training.

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