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News reports on mutual funds drawn on Plexus research.
Why you should know the alpha value of your mutual fund.Why you should know the alpha value of your mutual fund. (03/01/11)
Scrip Occurrence Alert: LIC Housing Finance.(26/11/10)
Mutual funds in big rebound from 2008. Hindustan Times (16/09/10)
Big MFs attract investors despite no entry load. Hindustan Times (10/09/10)
New credit opportunities fund on the block. Express Money (26/04/10)
MFs romance with Bharti on the wane.Hindustan Times (24/02/10)
Let the fund prove its mettle first. Indian Express. (25/01/10)
Mid-cap funds shed flab in volatile mkts. Times of India. (06/11/09)
Beware of concentration risk. Indian Express. (03/08/09)
A bet on energy shortages. Indian Express. (20/07/09)
Mistakes investors make. Indian Express. (13/07/09)
Protect your gains. Indian Express. (27/04/09)
Wary mutual funds dump once-fancied stocks. Hindustan Times (27/04/09)
Banks gain MF focus, capital goods lose ground. Hindustan Times (27/04/09)
A fund for every need. Indian Express (30/03/09)
What's your risk appetite? (16/02/09)
Find a better way to diversify. (02/02/09)
Fidelity Fund of Fund Review. (02/02/09)
Mirae Asset Gilt Fund. Indian Express (02/02/09)
How Important is the Benchmark. Indian Express (26/01/09)
Can you bank on mutual funds?. Money Today (13/01/2009)
Domestic Mutual Fund exposure to Satyam AND Affected parties. (07/01/09)
AUM Trends 2007 - 2008. (06/01/09)
Individuals' share in asset value of MFs down 5 pc. (18/12/08)
Slide in Asset- MF's Concern. (10/12/08)
Bet on the Haystack. Financial Express (08/12/08)
Shaken and Stirred. Sify (08/12/08)
A Safe Landing for FMPs. Express Money (01/12/08)
Cash Rules -MFs in sectoral rejig to buck downtrend. Hindustan Times (25/11/08)
What's on Offer? Money Today (13/11/08)
Gilt-edged fund. Financial Express (10/11/08)
Corporate fling over, MFs return to small investors. Hindustan Times (09/11/08)
Long-term investment in diversified funds your best bet. Screen India. (13/10/08)
High-risk, high-return fund. Express Money (18/08/08)
The Cash Stash. (23/07/08)
Look Before You Invest Abroad. Express Money (30/06/08)
Samba time? Express Money (30/06/08)
Equity-linked saving schemes, index funds' asset base swells. Business Line 12/04/07
Wide change in asset base for equity schemes .Business Line 05/04/07
Diversified equity funds' assets cross Rs 1 lakh crore. Business Line 09/02/07
Equity funds sitting on cash pile. Business Line 19/01/07
MIP’s stage a comeback. Business Line 20/09/06
Many MFs fail to deliver on volatility-adjusted returns. Business Line 17/06/06
Dark horses race ahead in year-end rally. Business Line 04/04/06
Not an impressive show by new fund offers.Business Line 22/07/05

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