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The myth buster series in Indian Express-Express Money
The myth: Mutual Fund houses encourage a “system” for investing. Reality: Often investment style is personality driven.Express Money(Indian Express) 26/02/07
The myth: Composition of equity mutual fund scheme is indicative of its future. Reality, it’s not what you have but how you manage them that matters.Express Money(Indian Express) 18/12/06
The myth: today’s performer would continue to be the top draw tomorrow too.Reality: not really!Express Money(Indian Express) 20/11/06
The myth: closed ended equity mutual funds perform better than open ended funds comprehensively laid to restNot an open-and-shut case Express Money(Indian Express) 06/11/06
The myth: Bigger equity mutual funds are better placed to generate higher returns. Reality: exactly the opposite.Too big for their own good Express Money(Indian Express) 23/10/06

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