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Analysis Platform

The DNA of a fund manager is the most relevant aspect for determining the continued future prospects of the funds managed by him. helps you in cutting through the clutter and get to the bones, easily and without doubt.

You look after many tens of crores of rupees of assets in mutual funds and you owe it to yourself to get the tools to give you the added edge. Do the hard work-before you make a choice. Research the scheme. Research the performance. Analyse the reasons. Point out the lacunae. Get ahead. And stay ahead. That is the only way that we can make a difference to our assets, whether it’s advisory or self managed. But we are providing the entire workings that you can use and apply without being a statistician. We have made a format that is user friendly and quickly helps you to ascertain the quality of the schemes.

On our part we are committed to bring to you the entire range of quantitative analysis techniques that are current and most used. And we remain committed to the idea that mutual funds provide the best avenues for investments, provided of course the right choices are made.

Ultimately you have to choose schemes that need to match your objectives. Our layout has the most user friendly menu based options that enables you to zoom in on the schemes from amongst the various categories at the flick of a button.

myplexus is the first website that addresses the research requirements of the serious mutual fund practitioner. The entire focus is in improving the skills of the practitioner. To help him take objective views. Of the multitude of products, which is the one that actually meets his requirements?

We at our end have put in a few unique utility items that have not been thought of by anybody else. We are sure that once you have had a look you would wonder why no else thought about these before.

Most importantly, we are not going to sit back and stop here. We are continuously monitoring developments in the portfolio management space. Whenever we find a scope for integrating the latest and the best, we would do so.


  • Use the unique predictive tool to have an idea of future performance.

  • Utilise unique graphic interface for performance analyses and comparison

  • Unique filter approach that enables the user to generate filters on single or multiple parameters to quickly identify a scheme or schemes.

  • Unique scrip and industry identifier to shortlist preferred schemes.

  • Unique quartile and decile performance snapshot on multiple ratios, multiple time spans.

  • Unique scrip churn monitor to identify activities of the fund manager.

  • Performances analyses over time frames and multiple ratios of your choice and compare.

  • Unique composition snapshot to provide overview of holding strategy.

  • Unique and exhaustive scheme wise snapshot.
  • Fund performance – reports generated by scheme classification, chosen schemes or large unrelated formats. Total user defined freedom.

  • The most exhaustive set of statistical tools for performance evaluation.

  • Every report exportable for use in your own letterhead

To Sum up

Management speak - We have a greater depth to analytics. But the price point reference and value proposition is significantly asymmetric in our favour.

Simply read, this means that we can cut through the clutter far more comprehensively and provide deeper research but at a much cheaper rate. Thus providing you compelling reasons why you should subscribe. Especially so if you are keen to grow the assets under management and provide your clients and investors the professional look.

So what are you waiting for? Log in and get yourself the myplexus edge.

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