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I never repeat gossip, so listen carefully the first time.

Plexus is a continuous pursuit, an unfolding of hopes and aspirations, a dream to create, cherish and sustain but with a tinge of humour. We work on the serious side of mutual fund analysis. Our experience and competence is mutual funds. But at the end of the day we are the average people doing above average work and loving every moment of it. In the course of doing all this, if we could make one iota of difference to one person’s life, now that would be reward worth the effort.
About Plexus
Where are we coming from? Learn all about us.
The touchstones
The Touchstone
Tower of wealth
Tower of wealth
PentaTec Filter
Learn about the process we use to filter various data. Each scheme is made to undergo this process. So when we recommend a scheme, it must have done well on multiple parameters. Plus it’s a winner for the future.
Analysis Platform
The value proposition! Are you a mutual fund practitioner!! What’s in here for you??

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